Winter 2015

How to Achieve Better Coaching Insights

In a traditional quality program, team leads and QM teams typically evaluate 5-8 calls per month for each of their employees, aggregate the results, and coach to the opportunities that are uncovered. The challenge with this approach is bright-ideathat there is little statistical certainty that the insight is a “real” issue—as opposed to a one-time event—until you have approximately 100 samples.

With this approach, you‘re likely to make only one or two coaching decisions with statistical confidence per year. The potential result can be a decreased level of “internalization” of the coaching by the employees, because they may be being  coached on something that is not an issue—while not getting the help they need in other areas.

An alternate approach is to use additional sources of insight to drive the coaching decisions. By including the results of interaction surveys and speech analytics with the evaluation scores, you can increase the monthly sample size from 5-8 calls to potentially hundreds of calls … without any additional resources from the quality team!

This helps enable confident coaching decisions to be made each month, guided by surveys and analytics, and verified by the QM team. It can also help employees receive specific examples of their practices vs. best practices to help improve their performance.

As a result, coaching outcomes can significantly improve—as can employee engagement—without requiring a larger team.