Get creative with side-by-sides.

April 9 -

Here are a couple of creative ways to have side-by-side coaching sessions in your call center.

Instead of double jacking into a call and providing feedback at the end. how about one of these creative methods:

  1. Have the agent send the coach an email with what they would like to be coached on. This could be a particular skill, application, product knowledge, etc.  The coach can prepare for what is to be coached on and when the coach comes over for the side-by-side time, watch how the rep’s body language has changed.  They feel like they are much more in control as they chose the topic.  This truly builds the rep/coach relationship and allows the rep to have some ownership and buy in to the side-by-side process.
  2. How about those senior agents where there aren’t a lot of side-by-side coaching opportunities to be had? Try turning the tables having them provide side-by-sides to their peers or have a trainer or a lead sit with them so they can show best practices they incorporate that can be emulated by others.

 These are just a couple of ideas –you can probably come up with more.  Try something new and get creative!